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In his captivating comedy special, “Selective Outrage,” the iconic comedian Chris Rock fearlessly addresses pressing societal issues, using his signature humor and sharp wit to shed light on the absurdities of our world. With an astute eye, Rock delves into the concept of selective outrage, pointing out the inconsistencies and double standards that prevail in our modern society. Through his distinctive perspective and impeccable comedic timing, he encourages the audience to reflect on their own beliefs, evoking laughter and prompting deep contemplation. Brace yourself for a comedic odyssey that pushes boundaries, challenging us to confront the contradictions within our collective outrage.

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Cost Of Selective Outrage:

  • Chris Rock

Director of Selective Outrage:

Joel Gallen

Selective Outrage Writer:

Chris Rock

Selective Outrage Released:

Selective Outrage Released: 2023-03-04

Genre of Selective Outrage:


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