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About Movie:

In the Hollywood movie Terrifier 2, Art the Clown is brought back to life by a dark and malevolent force. He returns to the peaceful town of Miles County, where, on Halloween night, he sets his sights on a teenage girl and her younger brother, instilling fear and becoming a chilling figure in their lives.

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Movie Cast:

  • Lauren LaVera
  • David Howard Thornton
  • Elliot Fullam
  • Sarah Voigt
  • Kailey Hyman
  • Casey Hartnett
  • Catherine Carcoran
  • Felissa Rose
  • Charlie Mcelveen
  • Amelie Maclain

Terrifier 2 Release Date:

Release Date October 6/ 2022

Country Of Origin:

United States

Terrifier 2 Genres:

Mystery & Thriller, horror

Terrifier 2 Movie Run Time:

2 Hours 18 minutes

Terrifier 2 Movie Language:

Terrifier 2 Movie Language: English

Director Of Terrifier 2:

Director Of Terrifier 2: Damien leone

Writer Of Terrifier 2:

Writer Of Terrifier 2: Damien Leone

Final Words:

Art the Clown, brought back to life by a malevolent force, makes his way back to Miles County. His mission: to track down and eliminate a teenage girl and her younger brother on the eerie Halloween night. As the death toll rises, the siblings struggle to survive, all while unraveling the dark secrets behind Art’s malevolent intentions.

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