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Write For Us Gaming – Submit Guest Post On Games

Write for Us Gaming

Are You Interested To Write For Us gamer? who loves playing many PC video games and wants to share your insights with a broader audience?

Write for Us Games

Join Cineb Team in creating exciting gaming content. Whether it’s game reviews, tips, or industry insights, your passion for gaming can find a home here. Let’s level up together!

If you’re a professional gamer with in-depth knowledge of games and the gaming community, here’s your chance to be featured on CINEB, a leading platform for gamers.

Your content will be read by countless gaming lovers, and you can contribute unique and high-quality articles on topics that interest you, providing valuable information to our visitors.

We welcome writers who cover gaming guides, news, expert reviews, or other useful tips related to video games. Our goal is to inform, inspire, and raise awareness among our readers.

Why You Should Write for Us

CINEB main aim is to provide the best content to our readers, and we will encourage you to write about your favorite game to make it easier for the audience to gain huge amounts of information.

Why You Should Write for Us

If you’re passionate about gaming and have the ability to create compelling, high-quality content, CINEB is the perfect place for you to showcase your expertise. Here’s why you should consider writing for us:

  • Reach a Large Audience: Your articles will reach a vast audience of fellow gamers and gaming community members on our Gaming technology platform.
  • Effortless Promotion: We’ll handle the promotion of your content, sharing it across all our social channels. However, your support in promoting your work is highly appreciated.
  • SEO Benefits: You’re allowed to include 1 to 2 links to your website or products, enhancing your search engine optimization efforts.
  • Increase Your Popularity: Your article’s popularity will become evident once it’s published on CINEB.

Why You Shall Contribute For Us?

Writing about video games should be amazing and fun for you. You’re not limited to a specific topic; you can write about PC games, console games and PlayStation, Xbox, or mobile games.

Why You Shall Contribute For Us?

We encourage you to write about subjects you have in-depth knowledge of, as this ensures the quality of your content. It’s essential to keep in mind that our fan base primarily consists of adults.

Submission Guidelines for a Write For Us Gaming 

To write and submit an article to us, please follow these guidelines meticulously:

Submission Guidelines for a Write For Us Gaming 

12 important Keep this in mind before writing for us Games:

  1. Content must be free Plagiarism, and there is no place for plagiarised content because we check thoroughly.
  2. Create Unique Content: Craft compelling, unique, and high-quality content that resonates with our audience. It must be free of plagiarism (we manually check for this).
  3. Use Headings and Subheadings: Employ headings and subheadings (H2, H3 & H4) to structure your article effectively.
  4. Proofread Thoroughly: Before submission, proofread your article at least twice to eliminate spelling, sentence, or grammatical errors.
  5. Your intention must be while writing to provide informative content and end queries of readers.
  6. Catchy Title: Craft an eye-catching and concise title (under 60 characters) for improved SEO.
  7. Word Count: Your blog post should be a minimum of 600 words, and you’re allowed one link in the content.
  8. Image Guidelines: Use copyright-free images or provide proper credits if necessary. The feature image should be 1200×768px, and in-content images should be 750×450px.
  9. Incorporate Videos: If possible, include videos to enhance the comprehensibility and engagement of your blog article.
  10. Word: The word count should be between 700 and 1000 and include all necessary information.
  11. Original Content: You cannot submit articles that have been published elsewhere, and once your content is on our site, it cannot be republished elsewhere.
  12. Use Relevant Links: Insert internal and external links with appropriate anchor texts that provide value to readers. Avoid irrelevant links, and affiliate links are not allowed.

Send us your content via email at: editors.thecineb@gmail.com

Interested in Collaborating With Us?

We’re excited to collaborate with passionate gamers like you! If you’ve prepared an article that aligns with our guidelines and criteria, we’d love to hear from you.

Interested in Collaborating With Us?

To submit your article for consideration, please send it to editors.thecineb@gmail.com

Our team will review your content, and if it meets our standards and adheres to our guidelines, we’ll publish it and notify you.

Let’s share your gaming expertise with the world!

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Contact Us!

You can send us your quality content at editors.thecineb@gmail.com and be ready to have the posts uploaded. We are sure you will gain significant experience in writing by our platform which is going to help in future as well. Don’t waste the chance of writing and have your best done for us! TEAM CINEB

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