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Some Effective Ways to Control Your Blood Sugar Level

Controlling the blood sugar levels is important for our overall well-being. Many of us struggle to reduce sugar intake as it has many ill effects on our bodies. People with diabetes and those on the borderline are the people who are in the risky zone if they do not make an attempt to control their sugar intake. But sweet craving is like an addiction. Sometimes one needs immense self-control to get over it and lead a healthy lifestyle. Cheat days are okay once in a while. But make sure that every day does not become a cheat day. This article will guide you in controlling your blood sugar levels by suggesting some strategies that you can adopt. 

Eating healthy food

We know it might sound boring to some, but for the proper functioning of your body, you need to follow a nutritious diet. Your diet must have variety and include foods like fruits, vegetables, meat, whole grains, and healthy fats. Your main enemies are processed foods, sweet dishes, and beverages. They elevate the sugar level in your blood. Consume foods that have a low glycemic index. They will help you to maintain your sugar level as they gradually release sugar into the blood.

Controlling your food portion

We are often tempted to eat more than is required. It leads to overeating. Managing how much you should eat will help regulate carbohydrate intake and thus control blood glucose levels. If possible, you can use a food scale or measuring cups to keep your food intake in check.

Managing your body weight

Keeping your weight under control is critical for blood sugar management since extra body weight might raise insulin resistance. So, your focus should be on maintaining a healthy body weight by combining good food with frequent physical activity. Even minor weight loss might help you in keeping blood sugar under control.

Physical activities

You should make it a habit to exercise daily, even if you do not have any health concerns. Regular physical activity aids in diminishing sugar levels by boosting insulin sensitivity. It allows your body cells to use the stored glucose energy better. Aerobic exercises are extremely beneficial. Even regular brisk walks for 30 to 45mins may help you keep the sugar level under control.

Regular monitoring

Regular monitoring of the glucose level can help you understand how your body is reacting to the changes you have made in your lifestyle. A simple blood glucose meter reading is enough to see whether your health regime is working or not. 

Managing stress 

Stress can be a culprit when it comes to spiking the sugar level. It can trigger hormonal reactions, which in turn can increase the production of glucose. You can apply various stress management techniques to destress yourself. Breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, or spending time pursuing your hobbies can help you to relax and cope with stress. 


You may take whatever approach you like to track the blood sugar level and keep it under control. But regular medical check-ups are crucial for everybody to monitor their overall health. It will help you to make the needed adjustments to your lifestyle.

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