Jamal Adeen Thomas’ Biography: All You Need to Know About Clarence Thomas’ Son

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Jamal Thomas, a former actor in the United States and a television personality by profession, was born Jamal Adeen Thomas to Kathy Ambush and Clarence Thomas. Jamal Adeen Thomas has walked away from the shadow of his famous father to build a successful career in film.

Jamal has also had a long career in finance. Jamal’s first film appearance was in 2005. Since then, he has appeared in many other films and television series.

His best-known role is in FBI: Most Wanted, a television series.

Bio Summary: Wiki, Age, Networth, and Career

NameJamal Adeen Thomas
Age49 Years.
Date Of Birth15th February 1973
EthnicityAfrican American
Weight168 Lbs.
ParentsClarence Thomas and Kathy Grace Ambush
Colo Of EyesDark Brown
Schools AttendedBishop Ireton High SchoolFork Union Military AcademyVirginia Military Institute.
CareerEconomist, Actor.

Jamal Adeem Thomas’ bio summary


Jamal, the baby boy was born in New Haven Connecticut on 15 February 1973. Clarence Thomas is the father of only one child.

Jamal’s Arabic name was not given to him because he is of Arabic descent, but rather because African Americans in the United States at that time found African and Arabic names trendy.

The Early Life of

Jamal was born in a family that struggled to survive. He moved around with his parents a lot as a young child. He and his mother often lived near where Clarence, his father worked.

It was difficult for him to form meaningful friendships at an early age. This did not prevent him from maintaining a strong relationship with both his parents and the maternal grandparents of his father.

Jamal lived briefly with his parents while his father attended Yale University’s Law School. They had to return to Savannah, Georgia in the summer 1973, where their father was offered a job at a local firm, Hill, Jones, and Farrington.

Clarence, despite their humble beginnings, worked hard to meet Jamal’s every need.

In 1974, his father was hired by Jefferson City where Jamal’s mother Kathy attended Lincoln University. Jamal was enrolled in a daycare facility when he arrived in St. Louis.


Jamal was fortunate enough to attend private school. It not only put him on a path to quality education, but it also shielded him from his father’s controversial public life.

Jamal began his education in 1979. It is not known which elementary and middle school he attended prior to joining Bishop Ireton High School between 1987-1991.

Jamal then joined Fork Union Military Academy in 1991 and 1992 to participate in a Post Graduate Football Program. Jamal began his studies at Virginia Military Institute in late 1992. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Economy in 1996.

His passion for the game continued in college, where his father, Virginia Lamp and his stepmother occasionally came to watch.

Clarence’s football involvement not only allowed Clarence and Jamal to bond, but it also provided Clarence with the opportunity to be a better dad. Jamal was always encouraged to pursue his passion by Clarence.


Jamal spent his childhood with those who loved him most. Jamal also had the support of Myers, his father’s grandpa and Tina. They were equally fond of Jamal.

Clarence loved the time he spent with Jamal whenever they visited Savannah, even though their relationship was complicated.

Jamal also met his uncle Myers and cousin Mark Martin, as well as his grandmother Leola. Clarence, his brother Myers and their maternal grandfather were raised by him. Clarence, Jamal’s dad, is still one of his most significant people.

Jamal was 8 when his parents divorced in 1981. Jamal was living with his mother during the time of separation.

After three years, however, they finally separated. Jamal, the young boy, stayed with his father in accordance to what was agreed. Kathy Ambush, his mother, returned to New England and was therefore rarely seen.

Clarence Thomas’s separation from Kathy allowed him to have a meaningful connection with his father.

In 1987, he was the best man at his father’s wedding to Virginia Lamp. Jamal was raised in the home of his stepmother and father. Jamal’s marriage is unclear because he does not use social media and other online platforms.

Photo of Clarence Thomas, Jamal’s father. Source: Wikipedia commons – CINEB


Jamal Adeen Thomas has lived a life that is certainly the most fascinating. Clarence Thomas, his father, has led a distinguished and long career in the Supreme Court as the justice with the most years of service.

Many would expect a legal career, but this isn’t the case. Jamal, despite looking up to fathers like him, chose to take a different path. Jamal has not only had a successful acting career, but also has worked for Corporate Finance.

Jamal Thomas is a finance professional with a long resume. Jamal Thomas has held a variety of positions since graduating.

  • Northwestern Mutual, John F. Van Der Hyde and Associates Network Office. Director of supervision. (Current position)
  • Between 2014 and 2021, I was the Overlay Manager for BB&T Scott and Stringfellow.
  • From 2010 to 2011, Davenport and Company LLC employed a Centralized Supervision associate.

He worked in various capacities at Wachovia Securities, which became Wells Fargo Securities after graduation. This included as a compliance specialist. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority has issued him a practice license.

Acting Career

Although Jamal was a little bit of an actor, his first appearance on television in Miracle’s Boys’ episode three in 2005 as ‘Bobby’ is what made him famous.

Jamal played a Vegas Police Officer in Days of Our Lives Television Series in 2007.

Jamal’s early roles were designed to bring him into the spotlight as an actor. Jamal starred consecutively in Dirty Sexy Money and Two and a Half Man, both of which were released in 2008. Jamal appeared in the 2009 television series The Bold and the Beautiful.

Jamal’s film career was already gaining momentum by 2010, the year he starred in Entourage. In the same year, Jamal starred in Law and Order: Los Angeles as an Uni-sergeant.

Jamal’s Big Break

Jamal became more than a mere son of the famous son of Supreme Court Justice after 2010. He was called for additional gigs by most directors who had seen him before in previous films.

His previous performances were also recognized. Jamal played a colonial in 2011’s True Jackson.

These films and TV projects have the biggest roles to play in the future of cinema.

hat helped Jamal Thomas build a career in the film industry.

2015Blue Bloods (television series)Detective Rodgers
2016Full Disclosure (television series)Chris
2018Blacklist  (television series season 5)Local officer II
2018Billions television seriesCar Guy
2018The 6th DegreeDerek
2019The Enemy Within television seriesCongressional Security Officer
2019/2020Law & Order: Special Victims UnitCounselor Morgan Carter legal aid II
2020FBI: Most WantedSwat Commander
2022UncoupledPaul’s husband.

Jamal Adeen’s films and television projects over the years.

Jamal Adeen has worked on many films and TV projects.


Jamal’s career has seen him win both small and large awards.

His first achievement was to maintain a constant appearance in films and TV series. Jamal’s career has seen him appear in at least one film or television series every year since his debut in 2005. He has been able to land two commendable projects for some time.

Jamal has achieved a lot, but his biggest accomplishment is to become his own individual and separate from the imposing image of his father. Jamal has pursued acting as a passion and established himself in the business. Clarence Thomas’ son may have been the reason he was thrust into the limelight, but his passion and dedication has kept him there.

Jamal also has kept his private life to a minimum. Jamal’s marital and child status is not well-known.

Jamal’s other facts include:

  • The man is African American.
  • He is a New Yorker.
  • Jamal loves to bike.
  • His net worth is estimated at 1.2 million US dollars.
  • Jamal serves as a member of Virginia War Memorial’s board of directors.
  • He is also a volunteer member of Fork Union Military Academy’s Board of Trustees.

Final thoughts

Jamal has many talents but the one thing that he is always true to is his passion. Jamal’s greatest lesson is to not treat a career as a family legacy that can be handed down from generation to generation.

You can follow your own path, without worrying about what others think.

This story could inspire millions of youths, whether they come from a wealthy or humble background.

Jamal’s Story reminds us all that we can write our own story, create our career, and our history without family expectations, because “I” will always come first.

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