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Developing Social Awareness about the Evils of Cyber Bullying Together with Legal Measures Can Deter the Perpetrators of Crime

Cyber bullying is a new-age crime that has become a growing concern worldwide as more and more children become victims of digital harassment and online threats. Cybercriminals make wrongful use of social media, digital apps, and messaging platforms to intimidate their targets by various means, including sending threatening messages, spreading rumours, and sharing embarrassing photos. Never take cyber bullying lightly because it can severely damage the mental health and wellbeing of the victims, and many types of cyber bullying amount to criminal offences as per existing laws. 

Even in countries that do not have exclusive regulations against cyber bullying, acts such as harassment, stalking, and threatening violence by using digital media could land the perpetrator in jail. Lawyers can help victims of cyber bullying seek legal remedies and ensure protection from cyber criminals.

When to seek legal advice

When parents discover their child is involved in some cyber bullying incident, either as a victim or perpetrator, they should seek legal advice immediately before things go out of hand. The legal landscape is complex, and the commoner can’t comprehend the legal consequences of getting involved in any cybercrime intentionally or ignorantly. Only lawyers trained in cybercrime laws can guide you through the legal process and extend more help by liaising with schools, law enforcement agencies, and social media platforms.

Cyber bullying laws are evolving

Many countries grapple with cyber bullying as they try to find the best legal ways to deal with this criminal activity. 

Laws related to digital crimes, including cyber bullying, are constantly changing to cope with the ever-evolving digital technology that allows cybercriminals to devise new ways of targeting victims. 

In Australia, cyber offenders involved in cyber bullying could face three years of jail time for committing the offence the first time. Repeating the crime could result in a year jail term. Harassment, defamation, and threats are criminal offences. With help from lawyers, the victims of cyber bullying can ensure that the perpetrators of crime face punishment according to the laws of the land.

Not depending on law enforcement agencies only

Indeed, Lawyers specializing in cyber bullying and other cyber crimes can provide legal remedies to the victims, but since cyber bullying is a social crime, law enforcement agencies alone cannot ensure its prevention. The government and the legal fraternity must look beyond the legal framework and work toward fostering an inclusive and safe community by taking proactive measures.  

Steps for stopping cyber bullying

Besides strengthening legislation and police to deter those who engage in cyber bullying, it is crucial to arrest the rising trend and work toward its eradication. Law enforcement agencies are at the forefront of the battle against cyber bullying and can provide reporting guidelines and take the offenders to task. 

However, they must also include the public to raise awareness about the harmful impacts of bullying. Besides promoting education and awareness, contacting schools and community leaders should help create a safe online space. Maintaining an open line of communication in the community by involving guardians and parents can be crucial in preventing cyber bullying.

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