We’re always looking for new authors. If you’re want guest post blog, you can either send us a proposed content that you’ve already written or send us a email for one you think would be a good quality content for CINEB blogWe are only accepting articles related to history (that means no articles about your SEO company or supplement pyramid scheme).

So you want to be a contributing writer? We couldn’t be more excited.

A little bit about us:

It’s all in the name. We’re all about bringing a positive experience to life, on the daily. Whether it’s relationships, health, or just doing life, we want to lift others up to experience the best life they can live. Epically inspirational quotes, guidelines for accomplishing life to full potential, and heartfelt personal stories – these are the things that get us excited. Sound like you? Let’s get started.

Write For Us – CINEB

What we’re looking for:

We like interesting takes on history. Not just a point-by-point chronology of a well-known event, but articles that can offer interesting takes about major topics in history, discuss lesser-known events, or provide clever introductions to historical topics.

  • Take a look around. Go ahead and familiarize yourself with one or two articles already on the site to get a better feel on the type of topic and writing style we think our readers most appreciate.
  • The goal of helping others in this great big world around you. Your words can help others grow, and we think that’s pretty cool that you can have an impact. Keep your audience in mind.
  • The ability to be proud of what you’ve written. You’ve put your best foot forward, and you think your work is pretty top notch – because top notch is what we’re looking for.
  • Speaking of top notch – technical proficiency is a huge must. Flawless grammar and spelling and clear, organized posts? Yes please.
  • That you have a genuinely enjoyable experience in writing your work

Note: Please submit an outline of Content, rough draft or partial draft. We will give better feedback if you submit a more comprehensive submission. Remember that only original uniquue content is accepted. We do not accept anything published anywhere else (including your blog).

We prefer original works but can also  syndicate work that you have posted elsewhere, as long as you have the right to post it on our site.

Submission process:

Submission process write for us
  1. Consider a category for the post you’d like to write: Home, Life, Happiness, Uplifting, Relationships, Faith, Pets, Health & Nutrition. Yes, some of these categories can be cross-applied, but stick to one for your post.
  2. Type away and get creative. Most posts are in the range of 500 words; you’ll want to have a cohesive post with a creative title and consistent voice.
  3. Submit your post to editors.thecineb@gmail.com via a Google Doc.
  4. We’ll let you know in one to two weeks if we loved your piece or if it wasn’t right for us at the moment.
  5. After some fine tuning, we’ll let you know when your post goes live onto the site.

CINEB: Address any questions or comments to editors.thecineb@gmail.com


Can I submit articles I’ve already written?
Unfortunately, we don’t encourage double dipping. We want our blog article to be original human written, just like you.

Where does my name go?
Put your name in the top left corner of the Google Doc kind of like you did when you were writing a high school paper. If accepted, your name will be at the bottom of the post and on the post preview on the website (you can check one of our already published articles for some nifty examples.)

Where does my author byline go?
If your post is accepted, then we’ll go ahead and ask you to write a brief two to three sentences about yourself. It will go in the end of the post.

Those are what we want to see.- See more at:

Send your article or pitch to editors.thecineb@gmail.com.  Sometimes it takes a while for us to get back to you, so please be patient.