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The Functions of a Water Flow Control Valve

Flow control valves are designed to serve the purpose of modifying the flow rate of the fluid or gases as per the need of the fluid system. They are designed in a way to fit all the simple and complex fluid systems and devices. They are all around us from residential to industrial level. For instance, at the domestic level, they are used to manage the flow of water. As we know that water is the most essential resource. At present, there is a great need to use water and energy efficiently more than ever. That’s why an electronic water flow control valve is widely used in homes, offices, industries and wastewater treatment plants to control the flow of the water and to keep the pressure lower than the safe limit. 

A flow rate control valve responds to the signals of the flow meters and the controller and hence opens or closes the orifice to maintain the set value of the flow rate. 

Below we have provided a few important functions of flow control valves:

Maintains a Steady Flow:

To remove the fluctuations and maintain a steady flow, an electronically controlled valve restricts or expands the passage according to the need. So that the appliances can operate precisely and deliver optimal performance. If the flow will not be steady then the faucets, shower heads, irrigation system and other water appliances will not perform their tasks accurately. 

Keeps the Appliances Safe:

This is a natural factor that the water flows from the high point to a low point because of gravity. That’s why water is stored at a height so that it can flow with high pressure and can reach accurately to homes and other places. Because of this, the water that comes from the main source flows at a high speed and with high pressure. There can be fluctuations in the flow of the water. This flow needs to be controlled to save the water and the appliances. That’s why an electronic water flow control valve is essentially used at the domestic and industrial levels. Water flowing with a high pressure can cause leakages in the plumbing system and can also damage the pipes, and water appliances. 

Cut down the Waste:

A water flow controller valve contributes to preventing the waste of water. High pressure lets more water go out of the system than the need. This excess water goes into the waste. For instance, when the drip irrigation system runs without an electronic flow control valve then the high pressure of the water causes uneven distribution of water to the lawn. We often see brown areas on the lawns. This happens due to the even distribution of water. When it happens people keep running the system which results in high electricity costs and lets the excess water to go in waste. Therefore it’s necessary to use an electronic water flow control valve. 

Saves Money:

A flow control valve helps to save money by reducing the consumption of water. It lets the water flow at an adequate flow rate and pressure so that the precise amount of water is used according to the need of the user. This way, a flow rate controller not only reduces the electricity bill but also enhances the life span of the plumbing system. 

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Final Words:

An electronic water flow control valve functions to maintain a pre-set value of the flow regardless of fluctuations in order to get optimal performance and protect the plumbing system or appliances. 

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