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For Soft Hands and Even Softer Clothes Shift to Laundry Sheets

A silent revolution is taking place across many households that have become used to a more straightforward and convenient laundry process by using laundry detergent sheetsHoping that you are aware of the arrival of the new type of detergent. You might want to know its specialty; this article should help you. Not only is the type of detergent new, but also it is changing the way we wash clothes, creating waves and drawing more people towards it. The compact boxes containing rectangular detergent-impregnated sheets are even more attractive because these are easy to carry and occupy less space than traditional detergents. Moreover, the recyclable packaging material boosts the eco-friendliness of the sheets made from safer and eco-friendly materials with very low toxicity. The sheets are so convenient to use that these easily outscore other eco-friendly detergents available in the market.

Not a new product

If you are new to laundry sheets or hearing it for the first time and feel it’s a new invention, you are making a mistake. 

Laundry sheets have been there for almost two decades but only recently garnered much attention. Lack of interest among users at that time prevented the manufacturers from launching the product. As there is a growing concern and more consciousness about protecting the environment, the laundry sheets are suddenly holding center stage. Added to it is the preference for safer detergents that do not harm the skin and health. Luckily, the detergent sheets meet both users’ needs and create a lot of buzz as the demand for the product increases. 

Reducing carbon footprint 

The makers of laundry sheets claim that the products being much lighter than bottled and powder detergents can reduce carbon emissions by streamlining the distribution, which involves less transportation. Not only does it help to reduce cost to achieve competitive pricing of the product, but it also drastically reduces carbon emission, which translates into a significant reduction of the product’s embodied energy impact. 

No enzymes, no phosphates

Detergent sheets are safe for the skin because they do not contain any enzymes and phosphates. Enzymes used in traditional detergents are effective in stain removal but affect health adversely. Phosphates are another ingredient of conventional detergents that cause algae blooms that can harm aquatic life. In addition, laundry sheets do not use surface surfactants that facilitate the entry of pollutants into the waterways. 

Fighting the plastic menace

In the US, about one billion plastic jugs reach the landfill yearly, of which only 30% goes for recycling. Switching to laundry sheets can significantly impact the volume of plastic that goes to landfills and does a lot of good for the environment. 

Preventing plastic jugs from reaching landfills is a huge indirect benefit of using laundry sheets that are quickly gaining popularity.

Eliminating harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, parabens, dioxane, and bleach, typically used in detergents, makes laundry sheets much safer for humans. 

Instead, the sheets use PVA, a polymer of plant origin, and coconut-based surfactants that are highly safe. 

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